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A mother, a writer, a happiness-seeker and self-improvement junkie navigating through life in the city.

Last week I launched a podcast with one of my girlfriends. Well, we technically came out with Episode 1 the week prior 3/7/18, with the introduction of Episode 2, was the first day we actually advertised it and asked people to have a listen.

And boy, the feedback that we got. You’d think we announced that we were going to be the second coming of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast instead of just two random girls having normal everday conversations about normal everyday things. Then failed to deliver.

When my co-host told me that she had negative feedback to share my first reaction was to shake my fists indignantly. Where is this negative feedback coming from and does the source have a podcast themselves? Because unless they did I was not going to listen to any hate coming from people who didn’t have the courage to put themselves out there like we did.

You guys are too boring.

You sound like you were reading from a srcipt.

You’re speaking two slowly.

The sound quality is bad.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I don’t appreciate this feedback. I can definitely use it to get better. Always room for improvement, right? But right now we have only released two episodes. We are far from perfect. And I’m guessing that it’s going to be a while before we get close to perfecting our podcast.

What do you do with “you guys are too boring” though? Tell more jokes? Come up with more exciting topics? Speak with more animation?

Or do you just say, “Thank you for the feedback. We’ll try to do better next time. Maybe you shouldn’t listen now then come back when we’re less boring.”

I realize I may be coming across like a childish brat who can’t take a little bit of constructive criticism. But depending on the tone used to convey this feedback it may just be mistaken for some good old-fashioned hate.

Nevertheless, I’ll just do what I do best: re-frame and find some positivity in it. I think I’ve given myself enough time to stomp my feet and whine. Time to pull up my big girl panties and move on.

Pretty sure this won’t be the last time our podcast gets less-than-stellar feedback. Might as well get used to it and figure out how to handle it with grace.

As the saying goes: “It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.”

Recently on one of the many podcasts that I listen to I heard someone comment about how when people hit middle age they often tell themselves that they’re done. Life as they know it is over and it is time to slow down. All yoga pants and hair in a bun from that point on.

This struck me because I’ve reached middle age and don’t feel that way at all.

Middle age, to me, is exactly that. You’re in the middle. You’re half-way. Your life isn’t over. You don’t get to just let go and assume that everything from that point onward is downhill.

Life doesn’t stop when you get to the age of 45 or whenever it is that middle age officially begins.

I’m currently at the mid-point with my mother and first-born daughter. I look ahead of me and see my mother who has definitely slowed down physically. I look behind me and see my daughter who’s come of age and having the time of her life in her first year of college. Then I look at myself and see someone who is no longer a spring chicken but definitely not ready to throw in any kind of towel. I’m still having a good time.

I may be 49 now but there’s still a whole lot of living to do, plenty of goals to go after. I may have different wants and needs than 19-year-old me — even 29 year-old-me — had but I still have wants and needs that have nothing to do with stretchy pants or easy hairstyles.

Oh, I will go out and buy the damn concert tickets. I foresee plenty of GNOs (Girls Night Out) in my future. I’m going after the new dreams that I’ve recently discovered. I’m not too old to do so. I know there are no rules about when you’re supposed to stop striving for the things that you want.

As per one of my favorite quotes which has become my middle-aged mantra:

“It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.”

Cheers to that!


Who knows why things come through our lives when they do.

Serendipity. Fate. Happenstance. Coincidence.

I do believe in all of these things.

I believe that things happen for a reason.

I believe that things happen when they happen for a reason.

Like my reading The Alchemist when I did and hearing the words, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Then listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast series and coming across the episode where Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist) is the guest. Hearing him talk about personal legend, one’s destiny in life, and how we should identify ours then go about pursuing it.

Next there’s coming across Medium.com. Specifically Jonas Ellison’s Higher Thoughts and suddenly feeling equally motivated and challenged to post daily. (Warning: I will be posting something daily.)

I truly believe my personal legend is to be a writer. And to tell stories, both fiction and non-fiction, that will resonate with even just one person out there in this world and maybe make a difference in their life. I believe this with all my heart and every fiber of my being.

Call me crazy. Tell me I’m nuts. I’m no spring chicken. I’ve stepped into and am now all up in midlifery. I call myself a writer yet I don’t even have a single book out yet.


That’s the key word. Because you see, even though some people are afraid to pursue their personal dreams because they feel they don’t deserve to or that they’ll be unable to fulfill them, I’m not afraid.

Sure, maybe I won’t produce a New York Times best seller. But I can certainly believe I can, right? I might fall flat on my face as a writer but I’ll never know unless I try, wouldn’t you say? I may never influence a single person with my words but what if I do?

My point is this: I’ve realized that writing is my passion and, as written in the Alchemist, when a person really desires something all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream. I believe that my being exposed to the afore-mentioned items is really just universe doing its thing to help me pursue my dream.

And who am I not to follow what the universe is doing?