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Last night I caught Liam Payne on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon singing his new single, Strip That Down, and I’m not gonna lie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Back in 2013, my girlfriend and I bought tickets for our then 14-year-old daughters to One Direction’s Take Me Home tour. We also bought two extra tickets for each of our daughters to bring a friend. I remember specifically telling my friend that I wouldn’t be needing a ticket because I would never be caught dead at a One Direction concert.

Fast forward to today. Wanna know how many One Direction concerts I’ve been to? Seven. I have seen the biggest boy band in the history of boy bands seven times. Is it any wonder that I ended up enjoying their music and having a good time at their shows?

My decision to go to a One Direction concert came unexpectedly when my above-mentioned girlfriend and I drove down to Los Angeles from Northern California so our daughters could catch the boy band at the Staples Center.  We initially planned on grabbing a bite to eat while the girls were at the show but at the last minute, my friend found two tickets in the VIP section that were pretty reasonable. So we threw our dinner plans by the wayside and joined our kids at the concert. Just to clarify though, our seats were not beside our daughters. We didn’t sit with our kids at this show or any of the other shows that we went to. We figured they’d have way more fun fan-girling when their moms weren’t around.

All of my friends tease me about all the One Direction concerts I’ve been to. My daughter eventually got used to it and didn’t mind that I went. She didn’t even mind when I ended up having a favorite in the band as long as it wasn’t Harry Styles, her favorite.

I’m not sure what it is that compelled me to continue seeing One Direction with my daughter whenever they were in town. I could have easily just dropped her off at the concerts then picked her up at the end like a normal parent would. Was it their music? Was it their stage presence? Was I just living vicariously through my daughter? Who knows.

One thing that I am sure about is that our concert-going experiences have given my daughter and I some great memories that we can hold on to forever. Seeing One Direction together eventually led to us to catching some other bands on tour such as 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low and Pierce The Veil, to name a few. My daughter and I even found a common band to love (All Time Low) and will be seeing them in Seattle in a few weeks. I’m hoping that one day I can convince her to see my all-time favorite band, Duran Duran, and singing group, New Edition.

Seeing Liam Payne last night brought to mind all the good times my daughter and I had these past 4 years as fellow concert-goers. One Direction was a big part of my daughter’s high school years. They may be pursuing their own individual musical goals now but I hope that seeing any one of them will bring a smile to my daughter’s face. She’ll be off on her own in college this fall so anything that will give her the warm-and-fuzzies will make this mom happy.

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