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A mother, a writer, a happiness-seeker and self-improvement junkie navigating through life in the city.

I woke up this morning and realized one thing.

I don’t get enough sleep.

What even is the right amount of sleep a person should have? I think at least 6 hours, right? Or is it 7 hours? Maybe 8-9? Whatever it is, I know that I don’t get enough of it. Nowhere close.

On a good night I probably get 5 hours of sleep. If I’m lucky I’ll get 6. In the past couple of weeks it’s bordered around the 4 hour range which I know is just plain crazy. It’s no wonder that I’m yawning all throughout the day.

This is a little bit of a cry for help. A request for advice. A call for tips, tricks and best practices. How do I get more sleep at night while still feeling I had enough time to do everything that I want and need to do during my woke hours?

I’m going to start by shooting for getting at least 6 hours of sleep. This would mean that if I typically get up at 5:00am I would have to be asleep by 11:00pm. Doable. But then you add the fact that I have to do my Miracle Morning* routine a la Hal Elrod. If I get up at 5:00am and spend an hour on my morning routine that means I actually wouldn’t start getting ready until 6:00am. Then I’m usually out the door by 7:00am.

Is that even enough time? And about sleeping at 11pm. Does that even give me enough time to do all the things that I want/need to do after work? I’m probably going to have to get creative with all the things. And I feel like I have a millions things on my list:

  • Write for my blogs (Yes, blogs. Plural.)
  • Work on my young adult novel
  • Work on my online business/side hustle

Then of course there’s the things I have to do. For example:

  • Help Sage with homework
  • Cook dinner and clean the kitchen
  • Keep the steady load of laundry going

Then there’s more of the leisure type things that I want to do:

  • Read YA novels. YA novels are kinda my jam right now. 
  • Watch TV. I have a million hours of DVR’s shows I need to get through. Let’s not even talk about the multitude of Netflix series I have to either finish or start. 
  • Scrapbook. I’m the self-appointed family historian. I can’t not scrapbook my family’s milestones.

If I can figure out how to do all of these things on a regular, weekly basis while keeping my day job, I will be a happy camper. Please don’t tell me that the only way it could be done is to drop one thing because that is just not an option.

Can I do all of these things while working a 9-to-5 job and getting enough sleep? Does anyone out there have any ideas? I welcome them. Please help. Thanks much.

*For those of you who aren’t aware, the Miracle Morning routine in a nutshell involves starting off your day with meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and writing. You can find more details here.

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