Just Me, Mylee

A mother, a writer, a happiness-seeker and self-improvement junkie navigating through life in the city.

Have you ever been so excited about something that you just felt like you were going to burst into a million pieces every time you thought about it? This is exactly how writing makes me feel.

Could it be that I’ve been bit by the proverbial writing bug? I bet I have. And bit pretty frickin’ hard I might add.

Suddenly there’s so much stuff that I want to write. And so many different avenues with which to quench this need of mine to write. All created by me in all my excitement.

First, there’s this blog. This recently created blog with no real purpose other than to talk about my life as a mother, a writer, a self-improvement junkie, a happiness-seeker.

Second, there’s my positivity blog, Your Path To Happy. This blog has gone through so many different versions until it finally landed in the place it’s in now.

Third, there’s secret a blog. I can’t really talk about it much here because it’s, um, a secret.

Fourth, a young adult romance. I started writing this novel in the YA genre a couple of years ago on a dare from my then 14 year old daughter. I had been reading some teen romance novels at the time and the writing in some of them was so bad that I commented to my daughter that I could write that kind of garbage, too. So my daughter dared me to. And because I’m not one to back down on a dare I wrote a novel. It hasn’t been shared widely with the public because it was just for fun. But I eventually realized that I had something pretty decent (at least as decent as some of the trash I’ve read) and thought I should maybe work on it, find an editor type person to do a once-over and maybe make it available on Amazon or something. We’ll see what happens.

Fifth, a romance novel. Like this blog, the idea for this new romance novel that I just started working on only came to me recently. I read a book that moved me like I haven’t been moved in a while by a book. The night I finished this, I had a lightbulb moment where the idea came to my head. I quickly opened the Evernote app on my laptop and started feverishly typing my notes. I ended up with two pages of notes and an outline for the new romance novel. My excitement didn’t stop there. I have already written the first two chapters. I just couldn’t control myself.

Now be honest with me. Is this too much? I’m guessing I’ve spread myself a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to writing.

I just can’t resist. Each one of these writing vehicles gets me equally excited. I feel like if I could figure out a writing schedule for my blogs (that works with my 9-to-5 job outside the house) and if I could maybe pre-write some posts for a future date and have them ready to go, I’ll be in good shape. I picture a well-oiled blog machine that could keep all of my blogs current while I work on my novels. Is this wishful thinking on my part?

Do any of you in the WordPress world work simultaneously on various different blogs/writing projects? Any blogging or writing tips you could share with this overly-excited writer would be greatly appreciated.

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