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The day after Halloween last year, Sage announced that she wanted to be Hermione Granger this year. When 2017 rolled around, she reminded me that she was going to be Hermione for Halloween. During spring break she once again stated that she was going to be the Hogswarts wizard for the October festivities. Then, as if I was going to forget, she reiterates during a Southern California trip over the summer that I needed to get her a wand, a wizard robe and a Gryffindor-colored scarf because, you know, she was going to be Hermione for Halloween.

This past weekend, we were walking through the aisles of Target when Sage exclaims, “Mom! I want to be a shark for Halloween!” 

Do you think I stood my ground and told her she had to be Hermione Granger because she was so dead set on it for an entire year? Never mind that we already had all the Hermione gear? 

Nope. Call me a push-over mom if you want. I just couldn’t resist Sage in the Target fitting room beaming at me with so much pride under the goofy little shark head. 

Here she is. My friendly shark, my would-be Hermione Granger:

I can’t judge her for changing her mind at the last minute. I was the pregnant lady who told everyone that I was going to name my daughter Amanda for 8 months before changing it to Samantha at the 11th hour. 


Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃

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