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Hello everyone!

I’m coming to you this morning from my kitchen floor. It’s really cold here in my kitchen even with the heater on. Saber is beside me on his little bed sleeping away. He’s going to get groomed today which is a good thing. He needs it badly.

Yesterday Sage and her volleyball team won their championship game against Stratford school. It was an amazing game. Stratford is a really good team and started off strong. Our Lady Broncos, who are usually up in their games found themselves down 10 points in the first set. They seem hestitant as well. I really thought that they were going to lose the first set and potentially have to go all three to win.

But our girls came back. And my little Sage contributed. Mind you, she had made her contributions throughout the season, playing good defense according to the coaches. But she never did help move their score in the positive direction.

Yesterday, she did. Especially when they needed it most.

It was still in the first set and our Lady Broncos were mounting a little comeback. You could feel the momentum start to shift. Then it was Sage’s turn to serve. All eyes were on her. She started a couple feet away from the line to get a walking start into her serve. Picture someone going bowling. This was the technique that the coaches suggested for her and started practicing it with her for a few weeks. Using this technique Sage made it over the net repeatedly during practice. She just could never get it done during an actual game.

Until it was the championship game.

I was all kinds of nervous for her. Under my breath I whispered, “Do your best, Sagie, that’s all we need. Do your best.”

When I saw that ball soar high over the net and to the other team’s side, I literally caught my breath. She did it! She finally did it! And guess what, guys? She did it a few more times. It was amazing. I don’t know who was more excited about it: Sage, me or her coach. From the way I saw her coach leap into the air pumping his fists I’d say it might be him.

I was so happy for my little girl. And so was everyone else that was rooting for the St Thomas More Broncos.

Even if Sage never got it over the net, it would have been fine. I know she works hard and she would eventually get there. It’s just cherry that she did it during the their championship game at a time when they needed it the most.

I’m never going to forget the swagger in Sage when she took the court again like she was supposed to be there. Even though I’ve told her throughout the season that it was ok that her serves weren’t going over and that all that mattered was that she was trying her best, I know that it bugged her that she was the only one on the team who never once made it over the net.

I’m just glad that she finally did it. And in dramatic fashion. She is definitely my child.


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