Just Me, Mylee

A mother, a writer, a happiness-seeker and self-improvement junkie navigating through life in the city.

Guess what, blog friends? My daughter comes home from Seattle tomorrow night for Thanksgiving Break. To say that I’m excited about it is putting it mildly. I’d venture to guess that Sami is also looking forward to coming home for a little break from her freshman year in college. We’ve already talked about all the things she wants to eat while she’s here.

But this is not what I wanted to write about today.

Today I wanted to share that I’ve recently been going through a mini-existential crisis thinking about what purpose I have for being on this planet. Whoa… deep, huh? This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about why I’m here but it is the first time that I didn’t boil it down to raising my kids to be good, law-abiding citizens. I’ve never considered that maybe I had a bigger purpose than trying to be a good mother.

Do you guys ever question yourself in this way? Do you get an answer?

After a little bit of thinking (and by “little” I mean in those few moments that I had to myself when I wasn’t busy at work, taking care of my middle and youngest, tending to the needs of my fur baby or sleeping), I concluded that my purpose in this life is to help others. Help them become better versions of themselves, sharing ideas on how they could get through life’s challenges big and small, encouraging people to take the first step in the direction of their dreams no matter how scary, reminding others that we are not always perfect but that’s ok, giving those who need it the extra oomph they need to get through their day.

Sounds like I want to be a motivational speaker of some sort, doesn’t it?

But public speaking currently isn’t my jam at the moment so I will stick with motivational writing, motivational social media sharing, maybe even motivational podcasting.

The thing I worry about though is who is going to listen to me? Who will come looking to me for motivation? I mean, who am I and what challenges have I faced in my lifetime? I’m no Glennon Doyle Wambach who persevered through alcoholism and bulimia and is now blazing trails with her philanthropy and activism.  I’m not Becky Higgins who revolutionized the scrapbooking industry with her Project Life method of documenting, memory keeping and cultivating a good life. I only wish I could be as funny as Chrissy Teigen whose Twitter feed always leaves me in stitches.

I’m just me, Mylee. A working mother of three, a writer, navigating through life in the Bay Area. Who’s going to listen to what I have to say? Who’s going to find comfort and guidance in my words? Who’s going to come to my blog to add a little laughter to their day?

I know you guys are out there somewhere. I just need to keep writing and sharing and posting. You will come. Even if just one person a day comes to me for a pick-me-up, that’s all that really matters. That still counts as a checkmark in the fulfilling-my-life’s-purpose category, doesn’t it?

As I come to the end this blog post, a song just popped in my head. I’m going to use it as my own motivation. A variation of Dory’s Just Keep Swimming from Finding Nemo:

Just keep writing

Just keep writing

Just keep writing writing writing

What do we do we write write write

Hope you are all having an awesome day no matter where you are in this world.


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