Just Me, Mylee

A mother, a writer, a happiness-seeker and self-improvement junkie navigating through life in the city.

If that were a real title, it would be mine.

I am the epitome of good intentions but never getting the job done.

Oh, trust that there are things that I do get done. Things like making sure the kids are fed, getting them to school on time, keeping the house reasonably clean, ensuring the bills are paid, helping Sage with her homework. These things get done.

But other things… like finishing up the final details of the YA book that I wrote so I can self-publish it or completing the digital planner that created so I can put it on sale on my Etsy site (that I actually still have to set up) or taking how-to illustration classes because I’ve recently discovered a love for drawing kawaii chibi characters or learning how to vectorize lettering that I created in Procreate so I maybe sell them on the afore-mentioned Etsy site that’s not even up yet or focusing more on writing because I have so many thoughts and ideas and stories inside me that are waiting to be released onto paper.

All things that are about me. About future me. Mylee 2.0. Things that I envision myself doing for a living.

I’m so good at gathering information, getting tips from other people who I admire, folks who did what it took to build their brands, people doing what they love.

People like Becky Higgins.

And Glennon Doyle Melton.

And Gretchen Rubin.

And Luvvie Ajayi.

And Jessica Turner.

People who I feel are making a difference in so many people’s lives. Doing what they love.

And I keep telling myself that I want what they have. And I tell myself I can have that if I just work harder and smarter and focus on the things that I need to do to get there. I maybe never be as famous as them but if I can just get to the point where I’m doing what I’m passionate about and helping people along the way then I’m content.

But guys, I can’t even get there. And I know what’s stopping me.


I’m my own hurdle.

I’m sure I’m spreading myself too thin. And thinking about doing too many things at once. And not focusing.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told myself if only I had a month off of work to focus on “mom-preneuring” and building the 2.0 version of my life. Then I dream about having that month off and all things I’d accomplish in that time.

The problem is I don’t have the luxury of taking a month off of work.

Should I let that stop me though? No. Is there something else that I can do? Yes. Can I break down all those things that I think I can do in a month and spread them out over a course of several months? Absolutely.

If I just gave myself a kick in the rear and hunker down, it’s quite possible that in a year I can look back at what I’ve accomplished and think “Wow, look at all the things I actually finished.” Maybe in a year I’ll have more of an online presence. Maybe in a year I’ll be making a small difference in other people’s lives.

Maybe in a year I will no longer be the Queen of Getting Nothing Done.

I think I just needed to put this out there and hold myself accountable. With all of you out there watching.


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